Güleryüz Otobüs Fabrikası
After Sales Services

The primary objectives of after sale services of Güleryüz involve service providing and presenting replacement parts in a precise and timely fashion with fair prices in the events of breakdowns or complaints to ensure customer satisfaction, and making sure that the products are consumed properly by the customer abiding by the product and service quality principals of the businesses.

Another definition of the after sale services of Güleryüz is based on the idea that sustaining the sale by delivering ultimate customer satisfaction in order to maintain continuity of the sale.

Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenance and examinations involve preventing the parts on your vehicle from running-out and ensuring a secure, trouble-free, efficient and long lasting tenure for your vehicle.

During the periodic examinations, your vehicle parts are maintained and purified from the dust and dirt to assure that it functions effectively. Due to these examinations any kind of trouble that possibly may cause a failure, break-down or severe loss can be prevented beforehand.

It is extremely important that these periodic maintenance and examinations are performed by the authorized services. Day to day controls of the vehicles such as coolant control, tyre pressure control and vehicle power supply are under the responsibility of the customer.

  • A, B, C classes of periodic maintenance and examinations involve light, medium and high maintenance services.
  • Vehicles are required to be maintained and examined once in min 20.000 km for replacement of their oil and oil filter.
  • For every 60.000 km vehicles are required to receive medium maintenance.
  • For every 120.000 km vehicles are required to receive high maintenance.
Güleryüz Warranty

The term of the warranty; starts with the delivery date of the vehicle and the vehicle is under warranty for 2 YEARS or 200.000 KM (whichever expires first) in accordance with the regulation. Producer is obligated to repair the product or outsource its repair without demanding any kind of labor costs or replacement part costs.

In the practice of warranty it is required for vehicles to be periodically maintained at the authorized services.

Concerning the limited warranty parts, please get in touch with the producer.

Replaced parts within the scope of the warranty are limited to the exact warranty terms of the purchased products.